Hey people! Sorry that I haven't really been editing the site and adding stuff, been really busy with my music and updating the fans of Twitter! For some of you who don't know about me and my music, please go to the "Charming Alex" page, because there is too much to explain on the homepage. Thanks for visiting! We have A LOT of site traffic now, keep it up and tell your friends! :) <3

 Many people love halloween for the tricks and treats. Although, some people believe ghosts and other creatures are real. Do you? Well, here, we have real stories on what people believe to be real encounters with the "Other Kind"! Beware, this site is a real scare!


www.playlist.com/starrsplaylist    THANKS*

OMG, thanks for coming here! I want a lot of people to come to my website. I added a bunch of new stuff! I added a new page and a bunch of other awesome stuff! Please check it out! Tell your friends! 

You can contact me and give me ideas for this site. Plus, send in photos of your fave Halloween costume and it could end up here! Send in your own scary halloween stories or make one up! If it has to do with halloween, send it here!

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