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New Song!

Posted by Starr Little on Wednesday, November 30, 2011, In : Music 
So recently I have been writing a lot of I have a really good song coming for you guys! Ha ha. What's funny about it is that I started writing it in math class, I know, I'm bad. I don't know if I should give you guys a sneak peek, hmmmm. Well, I'll post the lyrics and you guys can help me pick a name. Maybe I should post it in the forum so you guys can comment on it and give the song a name! Who ever I pick to name the song, I'll give you a special shout out! And if you don't want that becaus...
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Who Is Charming Alex?

Posted by Starr Little on Tuesday, November 22, 2011, In : Music 

Hey! It's Starr! I just wanna give you some basic information on my band, Charming Alex. Hmmm, let's see. Well, as of November 22nd, 2011, I am the only one in the band. Kinda like The Ready Set and NeverShoutNever! A one person band. I started this band near the middle of my 8th grade year, so sometime last year. It wasn't always just a one person band. I had two others with me. Sierra and Selena. There is soooo much bad/good history with us three and if I try and explain it we will g...
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