This is a preview of my story. Don't know what it's called. Enjoy!!

Daniel and Lacy were taking a walk around campus. It was 12:30 a.m. and humid. Not the usual weather for New York in December. The path along the back of the campus was only lit by a small street lamp every 100 feet. Daniel and Lacy did not know that this may be the last walk they take together. Walking hand-in-hand, Daniel and Lacy sat on a bench. Daniel was unaware that a sign on the bench said “Wet Paint”. “Daniel don't-” Lacy didn't get to finish, Daniel sat down on the wet bench. “Oh, what the-?” He turned and saw the sign behind him. “Well, just great”. Lacy started to laugh. Daniel stood up. “Yeah, ha ha Lacy”. He said. He wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up. “Ha hah, Daniel put me down!” she yelled. She playfully hit him in the back. Then, a snap in the trees stopped them. “What was that?” Daniel asked. Lacy shrugged but said nothing. Daniel put her down and slowly walked to the entrance to the trees. “Hello?” he yelled into the silent shadows. Daniel turned around and said to Lacy “Lace, it was nothin'. Just a stupid animal or-” Daniel never got to finish. Something in a black cloak grabbed Daniel around the waist and pulled him into the woods.


Chapter 1: Walk in The Woods

Daniel and Lacy were taking a walk around campus. It was the 13 at 12:30 a.m. Not the usual weather for New York in December. The path along the back of the campus was only lit by a small street lamp every 100 feet. Daniel and Lacy did not know that this may be the last walk they take together. Walking hand-in-hand, Daniel and Lacy sat on a bench. Daniel was unaware that a sign on the bench said “Wet Paint”. “Daniel don't-” Lacy didn't get to finish, Daniel sat down on the wet bench. “Oh, what the-?” He turned and saw the sign behind him. “Well, just great”. Lacy started to laugh. Daniel stood up. “Yeah, ha ha Lacy”. He said. He wrapped his arms around her waist and lifted her up. “Ha hah, Daniel put me down!” she yelled. She playfully hit him in the back. Then, a snap in the trees stopped them. “What was that?” Daniel asked. Lacy shrugged but said nothing. Daniel put her down and slowly walked to the entrance to the trees. “Hello?” he yelled into the silent shadows. Daniel turned around and said to Lacy “Lace, it was nothin'. Just a stupid animal or-” Daniel never got to finish. Something in a black cloak grabbed Daniel around the waist and pulled him into the woods. “Oh, god, Daniel!” Lacy yelled. She heard Daniel scream and thrash around somewhere in the woods. “Lacy!!” He yelled. Then, his yell was cut off with a wet gurgle. “Daniel?” Lacy whispered. Tears welled up at the corner of her eyes. She stood there for a good 5 minuets. Then, Daniel walked out. “Daniel? What the hell happened in there?!” Lacy almost screamed at him. He smiled a sweet smile. He wrapped his arms around her waist in a reassuring hug. “Shh, Lacy. Everything's OK”. He shushed her hiccuping sobs. She felt him.......shaking or vibrating. She pulled back to look at him. “Daniel, What's wrong?” she asked. Then it happened. Daniel looked as if he were melting. His clothes melted into a long black cloak. His face, Daniel's face, disappeared and was replaced by a hooded head with glowing red eyes. That was all she could see of the face. She screamed. She tried to run away but the the hooded creature held on tight. She pushed at it's hands and finally got free. She ran down the path her and Daniel came. She looked back to see if it was following her. What she saw was not what she expected. Daniel.This time she knew better. She kept running. “Come on Lacy, stop playing. Come here.” She knew that was NOT Daniel talking. She stopped and stared around to find something she could throw. There. A huge rock lay by a tree not 10 feet away. She rushed to it. She tried to pick it up. It was stuck in the ground. She looked back and saw..........nothing. She stood up confused. Where did it go? She was relieved but still a little shaken. She turned back around to go to her dorm when she stood face-to-face with Daniel. “No, no, no, no, no!” She yelled. She ran back the way it chased her the first time. Back where it took the real Daniel. She decided to hide in the woods. It wasn't the BEST idea but it was her ONLY idea. She ran blindly through the damp woods. She stopped to catch her breath when her foot hit something that she knew didn't belong. She looked down. She couldn't quite see. She squinted her eyes to find the sight of something horrible. There, on the ground, was her worst nightmare. Daniel lay wide eyed and bloody. She didn't know a person contained that much blood. She covered her mouth as tears spilled over her eyes. “Oh, god Daniel.” she whispered. She heard a twig snap behind her. She screamed at the top of her lungs. Then, a warm familiar hand came over her mouth. “What wrong, Lacy? Trying to get us caught?” A voice whispered in her ear. She stopped screaming and turned around. Her face was not 5 inches from her ex-boyfriend, Miles. “Miles? What are you doing here?!” She whispered harshly at him. “Me? What about you?” He said back. She was too busy running from that thing that she forgot why she was really here. “I was here with.........with.............D-Daniel.” This was hard for her to say. She couldn't gt over the fact that he was gone.

“Was? Where did he go? Oh, did you show him your collection of-”

No. I didn't show him that. We were walking then something just..........” She couldn't quite put it into words. What had just happened?

“Come on, Lace. What happened?!” He was now alarmed. He noticed the tears spilling down her face. He gripped her shoulders hard and forced her to look at him.

“Lacy, you tell me what happened NOW. I can't stand seeing you like this!”

“Miles, it's not that simple. I have to go. I have to go get the police.” As she ran from the woods and Miles she just started to wonder why he was really here. She hasn't seen him in over three months. Why show up now? Miles had no reason to see her now unless.........unless he found out what she did to his brother. That had to wait. She HAD to get to the police. NOW.

Two Weeks Later......

Lacy was sitting on her bed staring out the window. She was staring at the same spot where Daniel had died. Her phone was vibrating on her desk. She slowly walked(I'm talking about a snails pace) over to the desk. She had three new text messages. Two from Miles and one from Daniel.

From: Miles

To: Lacy

Time: 10:03 AM

Date: January 3rd 2010

Are you OK? I know Daniels death has really shaken you. Want to come over? Wait, never mind. Of course you don't. OK Lacy, see you later!

From: Miles

To: Lacy

Time: 10:07 AM

Date: January 3rd 2010

Lacy? Where are you? Are you avoiding me? I just got a new car. It's fast! K, bye!!

From: Daniel

To: Lacy

Time: 12:38 AM

Date: January 3rd 2010

Why didn't you save me Lacy? I suffered now you have too. By the way, HIDE.

Miss you,


As Lacy read the last text message, she started to wonder if Daniel really died. He had to. She saw his bloody body for herself. Or had she? She decided to text Miles back. She wrote:

From: Lacy

To: Miles

Time: 10:22 AM

Date: January 3rd 2010

Yea. I'll come over. But you're right, Daniel's death has shaken me. And, I need to talk about a text I got. I'll come over around 11 0'clock OK? See you then.

P.S What kind of car? =]

Lacy pressed SEND. She got up and forced herself to get dressed to meet Miles. She forgot to tell Miles where to meet when her phone rang.


“Lacy? It's Miles.” He sounded so out of breath. Like he was running.

“Miles. Are you OK?” The phone was silent except his deep breathing.

“Lacy, you have to help me.” He sounded scared. He was also whispering.

“Miles? Help you with w-” She was cut off by Miles' screams.

“Miles? Miles!” The phone was dead. She had wild guess of what happened to Miles. What ever got Daniel, got Miles. She was so scared. Two guys she cared about had died. Why? She got her coat on and hurried out the door. Before she could, something in the window caught her eye. The black cloak thing was just disappearing into the woods. Behind it was Miles. Dead. She stumbled back screaming. “Miles!!” She screamed as if he could hear her. But of course, he couldn't. He was dead. After seeing what happened to Miles and Daniel, she decided she needed to talk to someone, not a therapist, but her best friend, Kat. She dialed Kat's number.

“Hello?” Kat said

“Oh, thank god Kat! You're alive!” As she said this, it must have sounded weird to Kat.

“Thanks, Lacy. And you have pretty eyes. What's the matter, Lacy?” She didn't know if she could tell Kat everything.

“Um.................just wanted to say hi.” she hung up after that. Didn't want to give to much away. Well, talking to someone was a bad idea. Then, someone knocked on her door. When she opened it, she almost screamed. Miles stood smiling. “Hey, Lace!” He said. Without being invited, he came in. he plopped down on her bed and opened her book, Torment, to a random page.

“M-Miles? You're dead! How are you here?” She felt like she was about to have a Heart Attack.

“Um.........Lacy? Are you Ok? I'm not dead.” He was acting like nothing happened! She remembered his body outside. She ran to the window, opened it, and pointed. “Look.” She said. Miles walked to the window and stared. “What?” He asked. She groaned internally because she knows that Miles hates that. She looked out the window to prove her point. But nothing was there. “Huh? Your body was right there!” She pointed next to a bench by a street light.

“Sorry, Lace. I'm alive and well. Or do you want it the other way?” He asked.

“No, Miles. I'm glad you're alive. It's just........weird.” There was no other way to explain it.

“Lace? Can you ask me what I want?” That was a weird question.

“Um.....Miles? What do you want?”

“I........Want............You...............Dead.” Lacy's blood turned cold. He wants her dead? But.........they were like Best Friends!

“You...............What?!” She still couldn't believe what she heard.

“You heard me. I WANT YOU DEAD!” Then, Miles flung his whole body at her. She rushed to the right next to the door. She reached for the handle, but Miles reached her first. He grabbed her wrist and twisted it behind her back. Making her unable to fight back.

“Why Miles? If you're going to kill me, tell me why?” She could hardly hear herself from the pounding in her ears.

“Because...................because I love you. I have never felt like this about another girl. You stole my heart Lacy.” She didn't know he felt like that.

“When I saw you with Daniel, it hurt me. Bad.” He was almost to tears.

“Oh, I'm so sorry Miles. I never knew you felt like that.” Now she was almost to tears. He let her go. She rubbed her wrist where he grabbed her. She fell down on the bed.

“Miles, now that Daniel is gone, maybe we,” she motioned with her finger between them “have a chance together?” She didn't know what he would say. Yes? No? Never?

“Miles, I never told you this, never got a chance to, I love you. Always have.” She smiled through her tears. She looked at him. He was gazing out the window.

“No. You don't love me. You NEVER have. Even when we were dating. You're lying to me.” He said this with no emotion. He looked at her then. She saw so much anger, it hurt her to see him like this.

“Miles,” she started. “I know you died. I saw you! I'm not crazy and me and you both know that!” She yelled at him because she wasn't getting the answers she needed. Her boyfriend died two weeks ago and know one knows how. She needs to know. It's just the way it's supposed to be. She pushed passed Miles and stormed out. She had no idea where she was going but she needed to get out. Away. Away from Miles, The Black Cloak Thing, and Daniel's death. She wanted to forget everything. That's what she's going to do. She went to the nearby coffee shop then back home. When she got home, she found a note.

Dear Lacy,

I have not seen you in two weeks. I miss you so much. The woods are great. Thanks for letting that thing tear me to pieces. That's what true love is about. Letting your loved one die by a strange thing. Wait, no it's not! Well, I would have saved you if you were in my position. Yes, I would. Because I cared about you. Now, it's a different story. I would hide if I were you. Love ya, Lace!

See You Soon,


As she read this, the room started to spin. She had to hold on to her bed frame to keep from falling. This was the second time Daniel made contact with her after he died. Now she knew she had to leave. She folded the paper and put it in her pocket. She grabbed a suitcase and packed ALL her stuff.

Later That Day.....

Lacy was now in her car; driving to......if only she knew. What happened in her room freaked her out so she didn't have time to think. It was around 8:45 at night and she couldn't drive forever. She decided to stop for the night at a nearby motel. The man at the counter was strange looking. Tall, light skin, balding, pointy nose, and a blank expression. He kind of looked like.....................

William?” William was a old teacher of hers. He had a nervous breakdown three years ago and got fired and kicked out. The old man looked up the the paper he was reading and stared for 5 minuets at her. “Oh, hello, Lacy. Daniel said you might stop by.” He said this like he didn't know Daniel was dead.

“You do know Daniel is-”

“Dead?” He finished the sentence for her. How strange.

“Um...Yeah. He's.......d-dead.” This was hard for her to say. William didn't seem to care.

“Well, Lacy. From what I hear, he's not.” How did he know all of this? He was 300 miles from where she lives. How?

“Lacy, I'm not the man you used to know. I've changed. Why don't you go to the back room with me? I need to show you something.” Lacy followed William. The back room was dimly lit by a broken lamp. It was also hot and had a nasty sticky feeling. It also wasn't the most roomiest place.

“Well? What do you need?” Lacy asked. William turned and stared right at her.



“Yes. You Lacy.” She looked at him like he was on crack.

“Why?” He smiled then. An crooked, toothless, smile.

“Daniel.”She wished he would just get on with it.

“Let me explain: Daniel knew you would try to get away from him and every other crappy thing in your pathetic life. So, he knew you would come here.” He motioned to the broken down building.

“Daniel asked me for a favor. Just one simple one: Kill you.” This was the second time someone had said they wanted to kill her. She did what anyone else would do: RUN. She turned and ran for the door of the back room. As soon as her touched the knob of the door, she blacked out.

Chapter 2: The Morgue

When she woke up, she was in a room that looked like a morgue. A small, metallic room with metal hospital beds and bright lamps. She was laying on a hospital bed farthest from the door. Great. So, if she tried to escape, she would have to go through all the dead bodies on the other beds between her and the door. Fun. She tried to avoid looking at who the people were on the tables. She couldn't keep her eyes from wandering. Unknown, unknown, unknown, and known. The person she knew was her sister, Lilly. Her sister's blonde hair was neatly pushed behind her ears and behind her head. Lilly's skin was pale and kind of purple. This was a disturbing sight. Her sister had died in a sudden car accident. The weird thing was that the area she crashed, and her car, were undamaged. The police dismissed the case and left her family wondering how there daughter had died. That was last month. Now, her family is remembering their daughter on December 13th around 12:30 AM. The time she died. Now that Lacy thinks about it, that was the day Daniel died. Lacy sat up. There was a bright light over her face and was irritating her eyes. She reached over to turn it off when William's hand grabbed her wrist.

“No, no, Lacy. Don't touch that.” She looked up and stared into William's red (?) eyes. The eyes of a Demon. Demon? Maybe that was what killed Daniel, maybe even her sister. She was wondering why she was here.

“Oh, hello, William. How have you been?” She tried to make conversation. Trying to postpone whatever William had in store.

“Lacy, don't act like you want to talk to me.”

“Fine. Go away, you freak.” This made him mad. He let go of her wrist but pinned her arms down at her sides. He pulled leather straps from under the table and strapped her arms down.

“Hey! What are you doing?!” She yelled and kicked at him but he dodged everyone of her hits. Then, he did the same to her legs.

“Looks like Daniel will get his wish, after all.” He said bitterly. Now, Lacy was stuck. No getting away now. This time, she would die. Then there was crash of metal on tile. They both looked over. Everything was the same, except that her once-dead-now-alive sister was standing by the bed she was once laying on. She had a knife in her hand.

“Lilly?” Lacy whispered. Tears now coming to her eyes. Her sisters eyes looked at her, then back to William. William walked toward Lilly. She pointed the knife right at him.

“You killed me. You killed me then made my family not care that I died. How could you? You're heartless.” Lilly's voice sent a shock through Lacy. She missed her so much.

“Lilly, I've missed you.” She said this loud enough for her sister to hear.

“I know, kiddo. I've missed you, too.” Lilly didn't take her eyes off William as she said this. Then, so suddenly, Lilly threw the knife right into William's heart. He screamed and fell to the floor.

“What have you done?!” As he said this, his voice tripled, like there were three William's in the room. He threw his head back a yelled as his skin turned red and black and disappeared in a poof of glowing black and red smoke. Oh. My. Gosh. What just happened?

“Lilly? Are you OK?”

“Yeah. You?”

“Uh, Huh.”

“Lilly?” Lacy asked.

“Yeah?” She said back.

“How did you die? Then come back?” Lilly was quite for a while. I wonder if she knows how this happened?

“I.....don't know.” Lilly said. Poor Lilly. She must be scared right now. She then looked at her sister. She was pale. That may have been from the fact that she was dead ten minuets ago. She was also shaking.

“You ok, Lilly?” Lacy asked.

“Yeah, Lace. I'm fine.” Her sister's tone said something different. Lacy walked over to a cabinet and opened the creaky door. Looking, she found what she needed. She took the blanket over to her sister and wrapped it around her shoulders.

“Thanks, Lace.” Lilly said. They stood there for a while.

“Lilly, we should probally go home. You know, to mom and dad.” Lacy thought the bribe of seeing mom and dad would make Lilly want to go home.  

“I can't. I'm sorry”

“Huh? Why not? You can't” She was shocked that her sister didn't want to go home.

“Lacy? Do you know how this” she looked down at herself “happened?”

“Well, no. Who cares anyway? You're back!”

“Lace, I care. If I just suddenly came back to life, like I did just now, I need to know how. This isn't right. No matter how happy it makes you.” Lilly had a point. Who did she end up like this? This isn't natural. Then, her phone vibrated. 1 new text message. From Daniel.

From: Daniel

To: Lacy

Date: TODAY!

Time: NOW!

Hey Lacy! See you got my little present. Yeah. You know it. Your sister! I made your sister come back from the dead. Ha ha! You should see your face! Classic. Well, I will see you soon.

With Love,


So, Daniel did this. Weird. She didn't think he would do this because him and Lilly had a “thing” a while ago. Then, Lilly caught Daniel cheating and dumped him. Daniel doesn't get dumped. He does the dumping. Ever since then, Daniel had hated Lilly. That's why she was surprised when Daniel asked her out. Wait. Daniel would never date the sister of the girl that dumped him. Which was Lacy. Oh. Oh! Daniel was only using her! He never loved her. Daniel is that thing that was killing everyone. Daniel. Was. Never. Human! This all makes sense now. How could she be so stupid? Tears started spilling over when Lilly came up to her.

“What's wrong, Lace?” She looked up at her sister's pale face.

“You. You dumped Daniel and now he's killing everyone! You caused everything! It's your fault!” She pushed out of her sister's arms and stormed out the door. She heard Lilly following behind her.

“Lacy! Wait!” She heard her sister yell. She didn't care. She just ran faster. She ran through the labyrinth hall ways and finally made her way out the front door. She ran out into the dry desert. A sharp and dusty wind blocked her vision. She held up her hand to cover her face from the deadly wind storm. She heard her sister open the front door and stop.

“Lacy! What are you doing?! Get over here!” She looked back at her sister. She was standing half in and half out the front door. She was also covering her face.

“No. I don't want to be near you. You could get me killed. You could get everyone killed. That's why I have to end it.” Lacy took the knife Lilly had killed William with and aimed it right a Lilly's chest.

Lilly held her arms in front of her.

“Lacy, stop! I didn't cause the killings,” she put down her arms and stared right into Lacy's eyes. “you did.” When Lacy heard this, she dropped the knife. It landed with a low “thump” on the sandy ground.

“How can you say that? I figured it all out. Daniel using me, you dumping him, and everything leading up to the killings. You did this.” Lilly started to walk to her, but Lacy held up her hands to stop her.

“No. Stay away from me.” Lacy whispered this but knew her sister heard.

“Lacy, let me explain. Yes. I had a thing with Daniel. We planned this. All of this. Me walking in on him that girl, me dumping him, him asking you out, everything! We used you. And you fell into our trap.” Lacy had covered her ears with her hands. She didn't want to hear this because she knew this wasn't true. She finally uncovered her ears and spoke to Lilly.

“If this is true, I'm not saying it is but if it was, why did you do it?”

“I did it because I knew you liked Daniel. I told you to stay away or bad things would happen. But you didn't listen. You caused your friend, Kat, to die.” Wait. What?

“Kat isn't dead. I called her like,” Lacy checked her phone. She scrolled through her dialed calls until she found Kat's number. Her eyes widened as she saw when she called her.

“Yes. That's right Lacy.” Her sister began. “seven years ago. Here's the catch: you killed her.” Lacy couldn't understand what she was hearing. SEVEN years ago? Not possible.

“Lacy, you're 24 years old.” 24?! That can't be right.

“What? Who else did.........I......kill?” She knew this wasn't true. But she had a plan. So she had to distract Lilly.

“Well, besides your friend, almost our whole family. Mom, dad, grandma, grandpa, oh! And you little friend. What was his name? Mikey? Mitchel? No. It was Miles! Yeah, Miles was his name. Ring a bell Lacy?” She killed Miles? Oh, no. Oh, god no!!! Miles was her best friend. Well, was her best friend. Now, because of her, he was dead.

“Tell me, Lilly. How did you make it look like he died but he didn't?”

“Well, that's easy. It's kind of like my situation. He did die. Then was brought back to life by Daniel. Like me. But that doesn't matter anymore. Like me, he was all part of the plan.” She laughed then. It wasn't her sister's laugh. But it was. It was just......spine tingling, bone chilling, cold blooded, evil laugh. Not her sister's laugh. Then, seeing that Lilly was distracted, Lacy bent down and grabbed the knife she dropped. She then ran as fast as she could to her sister's heart. Lilly looked at her and smiled. She made a small twitch of her finger and she was thrown aside. Knife and all. She landed 100 feet from where she was. She felt a stabbing pain in her lower stomach. She looked down. She then saw what was poking her. The knife she had had pierced her lower stomach and was making it bleed a lot. She couldn't stop it. She placed both her hands around the knife, trying to stop the bleeding.

“Lilly! Ahhhh!” She tried yanking out the knife, but it just made the pain and bleeding worse. So, this was how she was going to die. At her sister's hand. She heard her sister coming and looked up. Her sister was frowning.

“Oh, Lacy! What happened to you?” Her sister used the innocent voice she used to get everything she wanted with her parents. Lacy saw right through it.

“Lilly. Help me. I can't get it out! I'm.......I'm dying.” She knew if she didn't get help soon, her life would be over very, very soon. Her sister reached down to the knife and tapped the top of the knife with her finger, slowly and painfully pushing it in more. The blood didn't stop.

“Ah! Lilly, what are you doing? You're pushing it in more. STOP!” Her sister never stopped pushing it in more. Then, Lilly bent down to whisper something in her ear.

Skye did it....

Chapter 3: I Meet Skye

I don't know where I am. It's dark and cold and strangely quite. There's and echo somewhere.

 It's saying one thing: Skye did it. I don't know who Skye is. Never met anyone in my life named Skye. Lilly was nowhere to be seen. But heard. Her voice was the echo. It will never go away. It was with her forever. The echo was in her mind. Not out where her solid body was, but with her wandering mind. It always followed her. Never leaving. Her very own ghost, following her, talking to her, figuring her out, all her secrets exposed to this ghost.


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