So far, there is nothing new to report. I have cancled the story "Hollywood" because I think that that story shouldn't be on this website. It's kinda a love story. Not suitable for this site. Well, I'll keep my eyes out. Thanks for checkin' in! :D <3 

Okay, So I added a new page! Undiscovered Scene Kings and Queens. I pick boys and girls who are scene (or look scene >.>) and put them on there. I usually put there name, age, home country (or state), and some hobbies. So far I have my friend Alex and Amadeus. I met them on Go to it. It's fun. Thanks for checkin' in! :D <3

SO!!! Today is October 17th and Halloween 2011 is almost here!!! I can't WAIT!! This year, I'm being Pikachu and my friend is being Ash!! xD hahaha we are so weird, but you love us anyways :) What are you gonna be this year? Don't know? Check out the Halloween Costumes page!!! There are some good ideas in there that will help you, so check it out! Ok, PEACE!! <33

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My band, Charming Alex, is coming out with a new song!! Some lyrics are posted in the Forum! Go check it out and help me name the song! :) Check the Charming Alex Page for more details.

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