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Do you know what you want to be for halloween this year? Well, look no further! Here we have the hotest consutmes that you'll love! Take a look!

1. Lady Gaga: Lady gaga has her own style. Of course, you can't use the same style; but you can go to Wal-Mart and by Lady Gaga costumes and wigs. There is also her famous Soda Can wig from her music video "Telephone" or her origami dresses below.

2. Hotest costumes #2 is  Katy Perry! She's not as outgoing with her outfits as lady gaga is but she still has a very cool style. All you need to recreate her style is a short baby doll dress, maybe a blue wig, and pink high heels. If you want to go with your man, then he can go a Russle Brand!

3. Hottest costume #3 is a vampire! Vampires are easy to dress up as. Like in the pic below just put on some pale make-up, old-timey dress, contacts, and fangs. So easy. Plus, they're cool looking.

Hottest costume #4 is a pumpkin! Being a pumpkin might sound stupid now, but on Halloween, you will be the life of the party! Many people put pumpkins outside their house, but who will put a person DRESSED as a pumpkin? Exactly, so this halloween, go as a pumpkin! 

Hottest costume #5 isn't scary at all, but cool; and emo/scene girl/boy! This look isn't hard to recreate at all. Dye your hair a strange, weird, uncommon color, like blue, red, pink, purple, or green. Then, you can get real or fake piercings. The ones you might need are lip, nose, eyebrow, and/or ears. Then for other looks, go to my Undiscovered Scene Kings/Queen page and see what you need! 

Hottest costume #6 is Pikachu!!!! You can by an all yellow body suit, Pikachu tail included, at Walmart for about $20. It comes with the body suit, with the tail, and a Pikachu mask! It's really cute :) Or...you can be.....ZOMBIECHU!!! A zombie Pikachu, but I think you already knew that. To get a good, dead, eye look, take black eye shadow and put in on the bottom and top of your eyes. Then, above (for top eye), and below (for bottom eye), put on pink eye shadow. Make it blend with the black. Then take a puke green eye shadow and place that on your cheeks, chin, WHEREVER!!! and then...BOOM! Zombiechu :3 ******PICTURE SOON TO COME*****


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