Ok, so my first undiscovered Scene King's name is Amadeus. He is from the Czech Republic. He is 20 years old.

Some of his hobbies include music, cooking, playing house husband, and he's a massage therapist! Isn't he cute? :)

(You can find him at www.chathour.com, I'll give his username later)

My second Scene Kings name is Alex. He is 17 years old. He is from the California. Sadly, girls, he's dating someone. D: Ha ha. But good news is that you can just stare at his pics on here. LOL jkjkjk that's weird. He is Bi but before you judge, you have to talk to him! He is really nice and sweet. If you want to chat with him, go to www.chathour.com/foreverUnknown. 

Isn't Alex just.........adorable?! XD 

Ok, time for my first Scene Queen! So, I was REALLY desperate for a Scene Queen so I took one that is kind already one. Her name is Bailey Margaret! Some people may know her. I don't know ANYTHING about her, but if you do, please e-mail me about her. So I'm just gonna put some pics of her on here. =} 

Ladies and gentlemen..............BAILEY MARGARET!!!! :D  


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