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The first scary movie I will be reviewing is called "Nightmare On Elm St." : RATING: R For.....Lanuage, Gore, Sexual Content

Here's the gist: In the dreams of his victims, a murderer named Freddy stalks the children of the members of the lynch mob that killed him. Sounds boring? Just wait for the scene when Johnny Depp gets swallowed by his bed and spit out in a giant spray of blood. Awesome! Plus, those claws Freddy has are kind of creepy.This movie is super scary! Perfect for a Scary Movie Marathon! So grab the popcorn, lock the doors, get under the sheets, and rent "Nightmare On Elm St."! I give this movie a B-.

Movie Review #2 is "Cursed": RATING R For....Language, Violence, Gore, Sexual Content

This movies is about a werewolves curse. Mysterious attaches are everywhere in this little town. Once the werewolves cures threatens her family, a girl goes in search of the first werewolf. If you kill a werewolf, the people he/she bit will go back to normal, and once they go back to normal, the people they bit will go back to being human and so on....... Once the girl finds the answers she's looking for, they arn't what she expected........Not recemended for those who don't like blood, gore, guts, decapitations, suspense, scary images, mysteries, and almost everything scary!! I give this movie and A+.



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